Arif Patel – Arif Patel Preston UK

Meet Arif Patel is a renowned industrialist in the Oil and Gas field who is based in the UAE. He has grown to be popularly known as a tycoon after he was ranked among the Top 10 Best Investment Company Executives which has only bolstered his growth as an entrepreneur.


Most of what Arif has achieved roots back to his education after he graduated the University of Central Lancashire in England and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He attests a lot of his success and knowledge in the ecosystem to his strong base.


Now, Arif Patel is the founder of Preston Trading and co-founder of the UK group and the chief officer of ABC Capital. Being in the Oil and Gas field has given him a lot of access to renowned entrepreneurs in the Gulf from whom he was able to draw inspiration. These successes and experiences have molded him to be the leader he is today.


He takes his knowledge to groom his employees to bring out the best qualities in them. The employees are made to analyze their work ethic and make something out of their working skills. Not only are they given the freedom to make what they want out of the workplace but Arif pushes them to do better in other areas as well.


Arif Patel has braced the life of an entrepreneur is a holistic sense and given it all attention and hard work from where he is reaping the benefits with Preston and everyone who is connected to it.